Life in Callispar

The Kingdom of Callispar is home to three cities and a scattering of villages and independent agricultural settlements. Of the former, two exist in temperate zones (the capitol city Westwatch and the southern coastal haven Amaros) and a third in the Northern Desert (Arkeh). Of the latter there are several dozen, organized into six regions. The largest settlement in each region is home to a royally appointed tax collector, who in turn is met by the royal bursar, flying out from the capitol at the end of each year to collect the region’s dues.

By necessity, taxation in Callispar is harsh. Maintaining the infrastructure of such an overpopulated nation is difficult, and maintaining a standing army capable of securing the kingdom’s borders against the twisted monsters born of the Breath is extremely costly. Those who can not pay taxes are either conscripted or made to assist in public works projects. The same goes for those who commit crimes, although they are not paid for their services for an indefinite period of time. It is simply too costly to support a prison system, so lawbreakers are made to repay their debts more directly.

In each of Callispar’s cities, able-bodied citizens are subject to a compulsory four-year period of City Guard service upon turning sixteen. Those who perform in an exemplary manner or show military proclivity are offered fast track to officerdom in the military, should they show interest. This service is compensated, and expected to be observed in addition to other occupations or apprenticeships.

Blackthorn Island

To the south of Callispar, a few days journey from Amaros, is a fortress of pirates lead by Draconic captains. Their current Lord-Captain is Archibald Tulley, a pirate who commands respect and attention. The main fortress is composed of a tavern, draconic pavillion, and barracks. Legends say that below the island is a network of prison tunnels, holding the criminals even pirates can’t tolerate… along with mounds of treasure. Those who approach, beware!


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