• Indie Sparrow-Kin

    Indie Sparrow-Kin

    Large in stature, Indie is as daunting to enemies as is he to allies. He wears his long black hair back in a pony tail, and his facial hair is kept short save a large braid that falls from his chin to his chest. His narrow eyes tend to set in a piercing
  • Astora Vale

    Astora Vale

    A Dragonrider from the sands of Arkeh, overseeing Samrit's protection.
  • Coraxis


    An ancient Black Dragon, progenetor to the Blacktorn Island colony, and mount of Lord-Captains.
  • Lord-Captain Archibald Tulley

    Lord-Captain Archibald Tulley

    The de facto ruler of the pirate fleet based out of Blackthorn Island.
  • Sucella


    A lanky, limber spellcaster whose eyes are on the fritz. Freed by Indie from the prison pit beneath Blackthorn Fortress.
  • The Samesh

    The Samesh

    This "Lord of Equality" is after Samrit, or perhaps just a part of him.