Party Cohesion

Five adventurers come together

Afternoon in Amaros

A lone, rickety boat pulls up to dock in the spired city of Amaros, bearing a heavily armored bear-of-a-man. He takes in the sights of the city with awe, and walks to enter. His name is Indie Sparrow-kin, a barbarian from the Black Breath.

Waiting at the same docks is a man of average stature and looks, waiting in a set of crimson robes. He looks for the men he is suppose to meet, but must continue waiting. He sees Sparrow-kin and hides behind a nearby set of barrels, fearful for his life. His name is Vladymir Stuhr, a sorcerer and mage of the Amaros Arcane Academy.

Searching for their lead in the Academy, two men find themselves at the docks. One, a halfling, the other, an Aasimar, watch as Sparrow-kin is stopped by a group of guards at the city gate. They ask him for money to enter the city, and he is perplexed. The Aasimar steps in, encouraging Sparrow-kin to step away from the gate. His name is Lucius Marcellus, a Paladin faithful to the codes of Aeomanric. From his side, the Halfling whispers about Stuhr’s position in the barrels. His name is Samrit Brahmin, a rouge and sole heir to the Brahmin family.

Convening in The Wooly Wench, they talk of their plights. Sparrow-kin must find land for his clan in the last clean soil of Masai. Marcellus hired Brahmin to help in his quest to become a full-fledged knight. Stuhr is looking for a good time and two coins to rub together. After a round of drinks, they are told by a Dwarf bearing concealed weapons about a job near the Broadhead Range.

Things have been going missing after the sun sets around the Mountains. Women, Children, Men, and Livestock alike. Simply gone in the morning.

They agree to investigate after a few more drinks and choosing their path. On the one, they could go overland- through the normal mish-mash of monsters and merchants. On the other, they could sail- a significantly quicker way- and deal with whatever sea-monsters await them. After a debate over which boat to use, they board Sparrow-kin’s vessel and head into the cold ocean blue.

Hours pass without incident. The group is rightfully bored. Then, two specks appear on the horizon, quickly growing closer- one massive and the other only slightly smaller. As they grow nearer, the party can define them as Dragons with riders. About a mile away, the second, smaller dragon wings off in the other direction, leaving the single massive dragon continuing to barrel forward. It dives, sending up a quick wave before surfacing. Ontop is an Elf, be-goggled and smiling.

She introduces herself as Astora Vale, and her Dragon as Ausk, and tells Brahmin that he is in grave danger. Marcellus, intimidated by the sudden entry, speaks of her rudeness and crytic speech. She shrugs, offering a quick apology. After speaking in elven to Brahmin, she offers to stay with the party and help. Though not instantly, they do accept her help and set off once again towards the Broadhead Range.

As the sun begins to set, another object is seen upon the horizon. Another vessel, much larger and with tattered sails, sets a course to intercept, its decks seemingly empty. Vale and her dragon take point, scouting the vessel for signs of life. As they draw near, fifty men upright themselves from a position on deck and fire upon the vessel and dragon.

The fight draws on for nearly an hour. Men fall in slews, and Ausk devours the Captain in a fell swoop. After the last have been destroyed or have fallen overboard, the party claims their prize and begins to search the ship.

Fade to black…



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