This game may be over,
but the setting lives on in Dragonriders of Masai!

“The world known as Masai has been subsumed by a choking, toxic miasma- the Black Breath. Only one landmass of any size remains untouched by the corruption. Known as Callispar, it is home to the remaining bulk of mortals on the planet’s surface. Generations ago folk of all races fled to its safety, surrounded on all sides by the vast ocean which serves as its barrier against the Black Breath.”
~Solomon Locke

Our Heroes

- The wandering mercenary Samrit Brahmin

- The holy knight Lucius Marcellus

- The nomadic hunter Indie Sparrow-kin

- The apprentice mage Vladymir Stuhr

- The dragonriding messenger Astora Vale

A motley crew indeed.

Cover Image includes works from Nausicaa, which is © Miyazaki


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